The Journey Begins


Occasional writer, often wanderer, horrible speller, broken thinker, incessant lover of all things ineffable, neutral evil and serious about it.

CJ Landry is a suspense writer who is currently editing a suspense novel, His Undying Love, which has been called by beta readers a cross between Gone Girl and Misery

She has coauthored a poetry collaboration with her son which is entitled The Madness in Our Intentions available free on Kindle Unlimited or 2.99$ to buy.

She is benevolent ducktator of #DuckTwitter and religiously supports the #WritingCommunity.

CJ also contributes at as Hera, Goddess of the throat punch. This project answers the question: What happens when Zeus tells the Gods to get a job and become more relevant to the mortals?

You can find the Gods on Twitter using #ThePantheon and with @InThePantheon

She has a Bachelor’s degree in General Studies with a Mathematics minor, a Doctor of Metaphysics, and almost finished a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. Yes, she did that backward. She likes to live her life the way she thinks, it leads to great stories.

She encourages and enjoys comments, questions, and riddles but if you ask her to join you for a gif conversation, you will have won her heart forever.

CJ uses the word “fuck” as a comma and believes that reading sex-positive romances to her granddaughters will help raise them with a healthy attitude surrounding sex. She’s also magnanimously bequeathed her granddaughters with their stripper names so that they have one less thing to worry about when they get older.

She loves to spend her free time writing in her journals but unfortunately, adulthood has income requirements.

All of your support helps this author hold every sliver of happiness she can in her tiny black heart.

Professional throat punching services are also available. Inquire within.


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