About CJ

Occasional writer, often wanderer, horrible speller, broken thinker, incessant lover of all things ineffable, Slytherin, neutral evil and serious about it.

You can find her here:
Twitter: @InevitableCJ / @AlwaysHera / @5MinuteAffairs
IG for CJ / IG for 5 Minute Affairs

CJ Landry is a suspense writer who is currently editing her novel, His Undying Love, which has been called by beta readers a cross between Gone Girl and Misery. She also spends time killing people off in her 72-Hour Murder series which has 2 installments already published. Each is a quick read that promises to have you rooting for the death at the end. You can also see another side of her in the poetry anthology, The Madness in Our Intentions, which she published with her son. 

CJ is fascinated by the different ways to torture someone and hide the body and tries to include those in some way in her writing. You can almost guarantee that someone dies in her books.

She is a professional throat puncher, founder of #ThroatPunchTuesday, and benevolent ducktator of #DuckTwitter. She’s also deathly terrified of sharks because those fuckers will one day evolve to breathe on land and eat everyone. 

In her spare time, she contributes at AllinthePantheon.com as the Greek Goddess Hera. Come visit her there and discover how the Gods are handling Zeus’s decree that they get jobs.

She encourages and enjoys comments, questions, and riddles but if you ask her to join you for a GIF conversation, you will have won her heart forever.

Professional throat punching services are also available. Inquire within.